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Enter my world of durian

It is the most prized fruit in all Southeast Asia. The durian is famed for its prickly husk, soft, yielding custard texture and an intense flavour that somehow combines sweet, savoury and creamy all at once. Okay, it doesn’t smell great, but who cares, it is delicious.

Before you start reading my blog you should know there is delicious, and there is durilicious. As in duri, the Malay word for durian. Coz, durian is on a different scale of delicious. Not for everyone I admit. But for the majority, the durian offers a unique eating experience coupled with a flavour palette like no other fruit. It comes in a huge range of species, subspecies, hybrids and cultivars, so the hunt for the perfect durian is endless

When i first arrived in Malaysia I saw a bunch of cars parked up on the roadside next to makeshift, rickety wooden table. Drivers and passengers alike were sitting on random chairs or just hanging around with an intense look on their face as they munched through this spikey, smelly fruit. I got back in my car and continued my journey out of Kuala Lumpur. Again and again I saw the same gatherings. So curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to hold my nose and taste this weird tropical fruit. I was hooked. Instantly.

Since that fateful day ten years have passed, I never left Malaysia and countless durian have been consumed. I like to tell the locals my stay is a direct result of a love affair … with their famous fruit. The truth is as always more complicated, but I can say with hand on heart that my passion and love of durian is at all time high.

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